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DVD Duplication & Replication

What’s the difference between DVD Duplication and Replication? Duplicated discs are burned with a laser while replicated discs are pressed or injection molded from a master stamper. Replicated discs have a longer life than burned discs. Duplicated discs usually require less production time than replicated discs. The practical difference is that for smaller orders, the duplication process is used and for larger orders the replication process is used.

Video Productions Arizona offers fast turnaround on DVD Duplication orders and uses the highest-quality discs to maximize playability.

VPA offers a unique DVD Replication experience where your project is evaluated to maximize functionality and playability. We do this by analyzing your discs for problems, offering expert advice on the authoring of your discs, and giving you prices that meet or beat any other replicatior. If time is an issue, rush jobs are rarely a problem.

If you want or need to hire us for your DVD/CD Duplication or Replication needs give us a call. We can put together DVD/CD Packages to fit your budget. No order is too small. Give us a call and we will get your order completed and finished.

Do you need Graphics, DVD/CD Cases, or DVD/CD Slips we can help to make sure your product looks amazing before you set it free.