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Online Video Marketing

Promote your business with Online Video Campaigns

Short Online Videos are a hip and trendy way to advertise your company online. They are also an excellent way of communicating with future clients.

Video Productions Arizona’s talented team will create an exciting Video about your business as well as provide the resources and online maketing expertise to advertise and distribute your videos on the internet.

Our marketing professionals create Video campaigns, which contain a description of your business, products or services, contact information and call-to-action buttons so potential customers can contact you at once.

For example, we create a button to “Inquire about rates” that links to your appointment page, or a “Learn more” button that links to your website. The Videos are submitted to major Video services, social networks and blogs to get the greatest exposure for your business.

Videos may also be embedded into site pages to promote specific products or services that you offer.

Online Video Marketing is a powerful tool to broadcast your business message for a wide online audience.

Benefits of Online Video campaigns:

* Promote your business visually
* Boost sales of existing products
* Increase traffic to your website
* Increase time visitors spend on your site
* Advertise services and products in social networks

How our Online Video Campaigns work:

* Find qualified partner sites to host your video
* Properly implement code into partner websites
* Manage your video campaigns
* Videos are submitted to major online video services

Online Video has become an essential part of every marketing campaign thanks to the popularity of sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Digg. As it becomes more cost effective, businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of Online Video Marketing and reaping the benefits.