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In many ways video editing is the most misunderstood part of the production process. Yes, the video editor assembles raw footage, but a good editor is much more. Using a blend of both technical and artistic skill, it is their job to put create a masterpiece and tell a moving story. Video editing is magical and all about bringing an idea of life. What is the message you need to convey? What is the product you are trying to sell? What is the emotion you want your audience to walk away with? No matter the subject of your particular video editing project, it is all about telling a story and Video Productions Arizona has a fantastic team of video editors ready to bring your thoughts to life.

Regardless of your budget, we make sure that your video editing project looks polished and professional. From video editors, to colorists, offline edits, and DVD and Blu-ray authors… the list goes on. With our four edit bays and full Avid and Final Cut Pro capability, you can just sit back and let our experienced post-production team make your video editing project shine.

Along with our video editing facilities, Video Productions Arizona offers motion graphics and 3D animation to help take your project to an entirely new level. We also have a fully stocked library of copyright free music, titles and more. So, whether your video production is a commercial, music video, promo, corporate or non-profit project, wedding, seminar, fitness, or feature film, Video Productions Arizona can take care of everything from concept-to-completion.

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