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Basketball highlight Video

The basketball highlight video you did was awesome. you made me look like a star. I’m getting calls from all the top colleges around based off my highlight video you shot.

Campaign Videos

Campaign Videos you shot were excellent. i couldn’t of gotten the exposure on the web without your the Campaign videos you shot and marketing to everyone across the web. I’m a true believer of online video marketing. keep up the great work. Chris S.

Best Fitness Video Ever

thank you, thank you. I’m seen by millions. I have secured some national gigs. I have made tons of money off of just the 1st video you all made for me. This was the best idea ever. Thank you. I can’t wait to use you to launch my product soon. Video Productions Arizona is the best. Keep producing the best work.

Price Blew me Away

Your Price blew me away.. after I check around tons of other film, media production companies.  The price to film and edit was so far below everyone else quoted me. I decided to go with you, even though I was a little scared because of such a low cost I thought the video wouldn’t be as great, boy was I wrong.. Your work is unbelievable the editing and the extra ideas you came up with while filming my fitness video was exactly what I wanted.. Your company are real pro’s, … Read more

High Quality Video’s

Professional, High Quality Video Production was what I was promised and I got my socks blown away when they edited my commercial made me a trainer off my presentation.  Wow, you all are the best video production company I have every worked with.. Keep up the great work and will be calling you the next time I present, because from know on you are the video production company I’m hiring here in Arizona.Liz G.  

Awesome Video Production

Video Production Arizona is awesome, I couldn’t of hire a better video Production Company.  I never even knew the camera men where there.  They captured my wedding and the energy and excitement in the Wedding Video.  I didn’t know what to expect though I was blown away watching and listening to my wedding from a few different angles.  I loved it was awesome, took my breath away.. I know have my magical day captured forever.  This video is so special to me.. Thank you.. Video production Arizona.  You guy’s are … Read more

Pearl Soft

We develop software and we needed a video production company to create a promotional video for our site. Video Productions Arizona captured exactly what we wanted. They were amazing with there response with us. They made it super easy and knew what we wanted the first time. They saved us tons of money and time dealing with video productions arizona. Thank you. You guys really helped our business grow with your video services.


I came to you guys with an idea. You turned it into a masterpiece. I didn’t realize what went into developing a commercial. I thought I could just wing it. You guys put in so much time, and work perfecting every little detail to make this the best experience ever. You did an unbelievable job. I loved every detail you added and little twist. it really made my commercial a success. This whole time i thought it was other peoples fault for not being able to do what i asked. … Read more

Seminar Video

I travel all over giving seminars and hire video production companies. Though I really appreciate how hard you guys worked and how quickly you delivered everything. You did an amazing job. When I’m back in arizona I will hire you for all my work I do there from know on. It’s tough finding a crew like you guys.

wedding shoot

You guys were great. I didn’t even know you were at my wedding. The DVD you gave us with the design and the packaging when way above my expectations. You were excellent in all aspects of filming our wedding. My wife is so happy with you guys. She is telling all of her friends. thank you again. Keep up the great work. JW